Buttons can be used to navigate to another web page just like with anchor tags. Here's an example:

Inspect the code for this button to get an idea of how to use the INPUT tag to create a button. Also, notice that it must be placed between FORM tags. (MS IE doesn't enforce this.)
This assignment is a bit involved. To explain it I will present a short example. This example is less involved than the project the student will create.

POSSIBLE OUTCOMES: pine, fruitless mulberry, datura, flax.

Is the plant a tree?

Make sure that you explore the link buttons presented on the subsequent pages.
You, the student, will create a similar project which has eight possible outcomes. You will need to collect some pictures from the web to decorate your final destination pages. In all you will need to create fifteen (15) pages in order to successfully complete this assignment. Remember to place the return links on each destination page!
Select a category of objects (the example used PLANTS as its category). Find eight examples of this category. Design yes-no question which move the user of your buttons to the various possible outcomes. With this in mind, you will need to use a category with enough members to make this assignment possible. Some categories which might work include: FOOD, VEHICLES, POWER SOURCES, SPORTS, etc. Your yes-no questions must be based on matters of fact and not opinion. For instance, the question "Is the shoe brand cool?" would be based on someone's opinion about the brand.