Review of Tables

You should recall that there are four basic tags you use when working with tables:
TABLEa table must be delimited with this tag
THtable headings can be used to format column headings or row headings
TDthe table data tag is used to create basic cells throughout the table
TRthe table row tag is used to start another row in your table

You can inspect this table to see how each of these tags is used in the construction of a table. As you can see there are only two columns in this table.

Here is an example of a four column table:
Fred Rogers555 Latex StreetClevelandOhio
Martha Stewart777 Jade AvenueMiamiFlorida
Patsy Cline12345 Straight LaneLas VegasNevada
Fred Flinestone10009 Stone RoadRockvilleTennessee
Marylin Monroe23444 Mulholland DriveHollywoodCalifornia
Fred Green7261 Apple RoadSeattleWashington

You can inspect this table to see how it works. You can see that these are simple tables. There are no rows or columns spanning each other. We will review that in another lesson.
The student will create a SIX column table. The headings for this column will be NAME, AGE, WEIGHT, HEIGHT, UNIFORM NUMBER, and CURRENT TEAM. (For instance, this might be a table containing information about great quarterbacks or something like that.) You will create ten lines of unique data to populate your table.