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  1. List Tag Review
  2. Table Tag Review
  3. Fancy Table Review
  4. Explosions
  5. Outhouses
  6. Image Map Review
  7. Frames Review
  8. Making Calendars With Tables
  9. The Artful Design of Bottles
  10. Working With Buttons
  11. MouseOver Links
  12. MadLib One
  13. MadLib Two
  14. Picture Buttons
  15. MAPS with Image Map
  16. Introduction to JavaScript
  17. Popup Input Dialog Boxes
  18. QUIZ
  19. Caption Creator
  20. Math Quiz
  21. Sentence Generator
  22. DEC <--> HEX Conversion
  23. Checkerboard with Javascript
  24. Calculator

Disappearing Windows Demonstration
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a page-description language. HTML supports text, graphics, and other resources, along with the instructions for presenting these elements in a browser. HTML focuses on multimedia presentations and delivering applications that can run on the client's processor.

Tags in HTML indicate instructions. A browser can read any HTML tag that its interpreter has been programmed to recognize; there is, of course, a lot of industry effort dedicated to creating a standard HTML convention that HTML authors can expect to work regardless of the browser a user is using.