Keyboarding Skills
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Keyboarding Skills - BEGINNER LEVEL - Home Row Intro

Click on canvas area and then follow directions.

Click here for Java version.


Each finger has a home key. The assignments are listed below. You should place your fingers over these keys before you start typing. This enables you to be able to know where your fingers are without looking. You should memorize these assignments so you can type these keys without looking at your fingers or the keyboard.

right-ring -> l
right-middle -> k
right-pointer -> j
right-pinky -> ;
left-pointer -> f
left-middle -> d
left-ring -> s
left-pinky -> a

It may be necessary to glance at your fingers every now and then when you are first learning the home keys, but you should try to memorize which key is located under each finger as quickly as possible to avoid forming bad habits. At this point you only need to memorize the locations of eight keys. This will provide a solid foundation for additional skills that will help you to become a touch typist. A touch typist can type without looking at the keyboard.

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